Stretch Wrapper for e-Commerce Packaging

TAB Industries’ TAB Wrapper Tornado Box Wrapper automatically secures small, loose, and low profile parts and products to cardboard backing to create a organized, unitized package that can ship without dunnage or containers.

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TAB Wrapper Tornado Box Wrapper from TAB Industries.
TAB Wrapper Tornado Box Wrapper from TAB Industries.

The compact orbital wrapper also enables multiple long items such as metal and plastic rods, tubes, and channels, and a variety of building products, to be bundled into a single unit fit for delivery without further packaging.

Developed for e-commerce packagers and others picking, packing, and shipping without pallets, TAB Industries' new Box Wrapper features a colorful, touch-screen HMI with a clear, intuitive menu structure for easy training, setup, and safe operation in minutes. To wrap using the Box Wrapper, an operator places the product on the infeed conveyor and watches as the wrapper automatically centers and feeds the product into the wrapping ring, then wraps 360 degrees around and under the product and any backing material. The Box Wrapper automatically discharges the wrapped package to the outfeed conveyor ready for delivery.

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