Mobile Lifters

TAWI Lifting Trolleys allow the user to easily lift heavy rolls, drums, and crates weighing up to 550 lb and transport them. They are ideal for production lines or for simply lifting without being confined to just one workstation.

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Pro180 With Coregripper

TAWI’s Lifting Trolleys do not only lift but also rotate, turn, and tilt goods. Rolls can be tilted from a vertical to horizontal position before being mounted onto a machine axis. Drums and crates can easily be tilted to empty their contents with no physical effort for the operator as well.

Trolleys are ergonomic and easy to use, with a smooth and quiet drive, advanced safety functions and innovative features for optimal flexibility. Their modular construction can easily be integrated into any workflow to suit specific needs. All models can be adapted in height and width and are available in stainless steel—ideal for spaces with strict sanitary guidelines or cleanroom areas. In addition, several different tools are available that can be mounted onto the trolley, depending on what needs to be lifted.

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