Bosch Packaging: Bag-in-box handling system

See it at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Booth #C-2800! Bosch Packaging Technology will demonstrate the Kliklok Interceptor, which fuses a rotor vane system to deposit bags from a bagmaker directly onto the product infeed conveyor flights of end-load cartoners such as the Kiklok MEC.


The Kilklok Interceptor typically handles 4 oz (113g) or heavier bags of food, and stands out for its hygienic stainless-steel design, which is IP65 rated. The independent design and computer logic of the Interceptor supports electronic indexing, to fill each flight of the cartoner’s infeed conveyor. With the cartoner operating at matching speeds and higher efficiencies, manufacturers will have less wear and tear due to “over-running.” If one bagmaker is temporarily removed from operation, due to reduced product availability or maintenance needs, the remaining units can be electronically reassigned to maintain full efficiency in filling every flight of the cartoner. Simple operation controls enable “pocket rededication” without disturbing the system’s ongoing performance.

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