A-B-C Packaging: Depalletizer with single filling module

A-B-C’s Model 108 depalletizer features a single filing module designed to help maintain container/handle orientation as bottles or jugs are transferred from the bulk transfer table to the bottle conveyor.

Model 108
Model 108

The depalletizer sweeps each layer in a contained unit from the pallet to the transfer table utilizing a motorized sweep bar that moves with the layer to ensure container stability and load integrity. At the single filing module, the containers travel from the table to the conveyor row by row, maintaining orientation. The module handles square or rectangular containers.

Unit is available for low or high level operation and can run loads to 110 in. high. The machine operates with A-B-C’s Intelligent Control to ensure simple operation and control from the touchscreen operator panel that also provides complete performance data and troubleshooting capabilities, as well as changeover settings.

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