Cobotic palletizers drawing a crowd

Gebo Cermex, part of the Sidel Group, is attracting PACK EXPO attention with its attendee-friendly cobotic palletizer, available in two formats.


With over 5,000 palletising/depalletising solutions installed around the world and more than ten years of experience in driving the implementation of collaborative robotics, Gebo Cermex recently introduced CoboAccess_Pal, an advanced industrial cobotic palletizer, available in two configurations:

CoboAccess_Pal S is an affordable, mobile, fenceless, and compact cobotic palletizer for low speeds featuring a Universal Robot with payload up to 10kg and an automation plat-form combining a PC and PLC

CoboAccess_Pal M is a robust industrial cobotic palletizer for medium speeds featuring a Fanuc CR15 collaborative robot with high payload up to 15kg and Dual mode of opera-tion (Pure Cobot / High Speed mode)

Visitors to the Sidel Group booth are currently enjoying first-hand experience of CoboAccess_Pal M, to capture all the advantages offered by cobotic solutions in terms of compactness, flexibility, production line efficiency, reliability and – especially – increased welfare for operators.

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