Paxiom: Automatic tray formers

Paxiom expands its line of tray formers with the PopLok® VS series, an easy-to-operate automatic tray forming solution designed to erect self-locking corrugated and paperboard trays, with or without a lid. Unit is capable of forming 1-tuck and 2-tuck trays at speeds to 600 trays/hr.

PopLok® VS
PopLok® VS

While holding several similarities with its standard PopLok® predecessor, the primary differentiating features of the PopLok® VS include its ability to handle a tighter range of tray sizes and its simple design. With no mandrel or tooling required, the PopLok® VS Series also allows for a quick and easy changeover between tray blank sizes.

The PopLok® VS Series can help small business operations increase efficiency, eliminate repetitive motion injuries associated with manual labor, and achieve higher levels of productivity.

While the PopLok® VS Series offers speed in on-demand tray forming, the compact tray erector also saves floor space and minimizes risks for contamination associated with long-term storage of erected trays in production facilities.

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