LoeschPack: Wrapping head machine for confectionery

LoeschPack is presenting the RCB-HS wrapping head machine: this development is ideal for small chocolate products, combining a hermetically sealed pack style with a traditional fold wrap appearance.

Wrapping head machine for confectionery
Wrapping head machine for confectionery

The RCB-HS packages chocolate bars, tablets and neapolitans in a new and innovative way, giving them a premium look and at the same time ensuring excellent product protection against environmental influences. Consumers can enjoy products with longer shelf lives and improved taste and texture. The chocolate products are presented in a premium fold wrap look.

The machine produces the fold wrap in one wrapping head and hot-seals the pack circumferentially. The heat bars always seal film against film, ensuring extremely tight packaging and preventing damage to the products. Next, folding elements produce the classical fold wrap. The RCB-HS is precisely tailored to the requirements of sophisticated chocolate manufacturers that want to present their products at POS in a premium look and require high system efficiency and format flexibility, but refuse to settle for less than perfect hygiene.

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