Sen-Pack: Compact robotic palletizer

Sen-pack’s CRP targets a growing demand for small and economical automation located at the end of a low- to medium-speed production line.

Compact robotic palletizer
Compact robotic palletizer

These simplified machines utilize the robot controller for everything, making them more energy efficient and eliminating the need to maintain a PLC. The CRP with its 8 x 10-ft. dimension is robust and reliable with extremely low maintenance costs.

With minimal training, most plant maintenance staff can install and commission these machines without contracting outside help. The basic machine in the series is unloaded from the truck with a fork-lift in a single trip, bolted in place, connected to plant power, and turned on.

To ensure customer understanding of the CRP, training at Sen-Pack’s factory is included in the purchase price. The training covers operations and maintenance of the machine as well as installation and new pallet pattern development.

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