Krones: Beverage packaging system

The Varioline packaging system was developed by Krones as a flexible solution; the basic idea involved is that a single machine replaces up to six conventional individual machines linked by conveyors.

Beverage packaging system
Beverage packaging system

With the Varioline combination conjuror, packaging processes involving up to three stages can be handled by just a single machine. The logical consequence is space savings, reduced maintenance work, and fewer operators.

The modularized Varioline kit consists of three modules, which can be combined to form a customized packaging system. These three units, the cartoning, feed and basic modules, feature an identical basic construction, to create a modularized design concept that ensures flexibility for the future. The machine can handle up to 52,000 containers/hr.

The Varioline packaging systems can also be block-synchronised with other machines, like a Variopac Pro shrink-wrapper, so that besides carton packaging the packs can also be wrapped in film. This option is already up and running at three clients, who have thus created maximised flexibility within a machinery block.

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