PAC Machinery: Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealer

The Clamco 8L Series of L-bar sealers from PAC Machinery are engineered for fast and efficient packaging of very large, flat products. Choose a seal area of 39 x 50 in., 39 x 64 in. or 39 x 88 in. -- each may be used with folded shrink film up to 52 in. wide. Clamco, based in Berea, OH, is a PAC Machinery company.

Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealer
Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealer

The sealers are ideal for packaging doors, panels, window frames, shutters and countless industrial products. They are among the largest industrial L-bar sealers commercially available. The 8L L-bar sealers are available with numerous options including a space-saving inverting head which enables the film to be fed from the back of the sealer instead of the end. Also available is a motorized power assist that quickly and easily draws the film from the film roll holder to the inverted head and a package lift that will assist the operator with heavy or oversized products.

Additionally, a motorized conveyor is available which is designed to help feed heavy products through the sealer and into the shrink tunnel. All 8L sealers may be configured with a blower table, which "inflates" the film envelope with a stream of air for easier product insertion.

The Clamco 8L Series sealers are engineered with a heavy-duty magnetic hold-down mechanism that helps ensure consistent seal pressure and a digital tunnel temperature controller for ultra-dependable results. Adding to its ease-of-use, the 8L sealers feature a straight forward user interface and a height adjustment that enables the operator to align the product take away with the tunnel conveyor for smoother product transfer and to eliminate product shingling.

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