C&C Group: Stretch wrapper

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth #N-4644! The C-One Plana stretch wrapper offers some real advantages as it is only 18 mm high while the competition is about 80 mm. Plana is the lowest turntable in the world, so it has a ramp measuring less than 30 cm, while competitors need very long ramps (about 1500 mm).

Stretch wrapper
Stretch wrapper

Plana is much easier to load, with very little effort required to push a pallet over the turntable. This is a big advantage when the machine is loaded by a hand pallet jack, especially when it is operated by a woman.

The length of the pallet truck forks is not important, as Plana works with all lengths, while other wrappers with long ramps can require even longer ramps (up to 2.5 meters) when they are loaded by electrical pallet truck with long forks.

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