Ripack: Heat shrink gun

Easy‐to‐use, efficient, safe, and virtually maintenance‐free, the Ripack 3000 heat shrink gun uses a patented cold‐nozzle design and 360 degree free rotations.

Pw 56643 Ripack 3000

The 3000 possesses 76kW btu’s of power, and its 360 degree can be used with extension wands to increase reach.  Because of its higher heat capability, the Ripack 3000 works fast, saving time by 15%, according to the company. 

Its unique, patented cold‐nozzle technology, prevents burns, and the nozzle can safely be rotated with bare hands. Its smart design has a trigger, which incorporates an Allen wrench to unscrew the body, enabling easy maintenance of the gun. The Ripack 3000 igniter can be easily replaced without tools in less than a minute.  The ergonomic bi‐material handle also makes for a more comfortable, improved grip.


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