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Brenton boosts performance of high speed Mach-4 case packer

The BrentonPro Mach-4, a high-speed, small-footprint machine capable of packing both cases and trays in multiple patterns, also now allows customers to run smaller cases and fragile products at unprecedented levels.

Pw 55515 Brenton Enhances Mach 4 Case Packer Final

Brenton continues to raise the bar for its industry leading BrentonPro Mach-4 servo continuous motion case packer. The Mach-4, a high speed small-footprint machine capable of packing both cases and trays in multiple patterns, now also allows customers to package smaller 6 and 4 pack cases and fragile loads at speeds typically reserved for stable products.

The Mach-4 packs up to 75 cases or trays a minute including wrap-around, five-panel, RSC, and harness types. It handles a wide range of irregular and standard shaped bottles and other containers, as well as loose packs, Hi-Cones® and bundles. The Mach-4 features rapid, tool-free changeovers, automatic size adjustments, product simulation and can run unattended.

The Mach-4 gets its enhanced handling capabilities from new Continuous Motion Pins and a front and rear containment system that provide greater control and the ability to handle a wide range of sizes and product types. The innovative pin design creates a gap between product groups while maintaining a controlled continuous motion flow that prevents sudden stops during cycle stops. This ‘Finesse’ motion results in greater efficiency and more delicate product handling.

The new front and rear containment system controls product groups during both leading and trailing motions until they are stabilized by the formed case. This is particularly helpful in running nearly any size fragile product at high speeds.

The popular BrentonPro Series of case packers, which includes the Mach-1, Mach-2, Mach-3 and Mach-4, is the result of extensive collaboration with customers seeking cost-effective, energy efficient, sustainable solutions with a small footprint that incorporate the latest technology and deliver benefits such as product simulation, superior collating methods, ease of use and maintenance. 

“The Mach-4 delivers excellent value for any customer that needs a high speed case packer, but it is a real difference maker for those packing a variety of products in both trays and cases,” said Jason Enninga, Brenton Vice President of Sales. “Its enhanced handling and size capabilities make it even more versatile and efficient for customers packing fragile products.”

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