Wexxar/Bel: Case former, sealer system

The BEL 150/505g4ss washdown-protected, stainless steel semi-automatic case former and sealer from Wexxar Packaging, powered by Pro Mach, provides food and beverage plants with a cost effective, low maintenance case former and sealer specifically designed for washdown or high moisture environments.

One of a series of new stainless steel systems from Wexxar/Bel, the BEL 150/505g4ss includes a stainless steel frame; enhanced washdown enclosure, low-corrosion materials and parts, engineering-grade plastics; high performance Dekka tape heads; built-in safety features; and a compact, small footprint. Additional standard features include an automatic Uni-drive side belt conveyor.

Each Wexxar/Bel ‘ss’ designated model provides low cost of ownership and a purchase price that is much lower than custom washdown systems, according to the company.

Automatic flap folders form and hold the box in place while supporting the contents to give operators control over when and how they pack products. Case size changes are performed with four quick, simple adjustments outlined on the machine for easy operation. Safety switches and E-stop guard against accidental activation or restart.

The Bel 150/505g4ss fits easily into existing packaging lines and its user-friendly operation increases productivity and throughput immediately.

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