Kinesys: Portable, automated palletizer

The servo motor/computer driven portable palletizer from Kinesys Automation, Inc. is designed for palletizing pails, case cartons, bags, and jugs in a compact 7- x 7- x 7-ft. footprint.

Pw 53746 Kin

The 3-axis gantry robotic unit comes with retractable wheels for free positioning to several manufacturing lines. The pail rotator for automatic handle positioning is standard.

Controls are intelligently designed for integration with an HMI, enabling selections from predefined pallet patterns or user-customizable configurations.

Quick change, interchangeable pickup heads can be used for selecting between case cartons can containers. An optional 4th rotational axis for infinite flexibility in positioning rectangular case cartons.  Explosion-proof controls for hazardous locations are available.


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