Standard-Knapp: Standard-Knapp: Case packer with lowering head module

Suitable for the partitionless packing of products made with glass, aluminum, PET, or other materials, Standard-Knapp’s Versatron Case Packer with lowering head provides gentle, positive handling of bottles and containers, and can continue to operate as a robust drop packer or be quickly converted to a lowering head case packer.

Pw 53165 Standard Knapp

Partitionless packaging allows the use of less material in packing, in the move towards sustainability. The Versatron provides fully programmable pick-and-place motion, achieving positive placement fully into the bottom of each case.

The slide-out change part lowering head is equipped with color-coded change parts and pneumatics for quick, error-free changeover.
The lowering head module can be equipped with various gripper heads to provide safe, consistent, damage-free placement of product into each case with zero drop.

Depending on of size of the product, the lowering head can operate at 30 cycles/min., the fastest rate among lowering head machines. Designed primarily with wine, liquor, and beer containers in mind, it can also handle locking shape containers.

The Versatron features long life, easy operations, and maintenance that makes changeover simple and fast, easy to use human machine interface (HMI), and quality customer service.  The module is designed with more Lexan doors and panels for increased visibility, so that operators can perform preemptive, walk-by maintenance.

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