Laetus: Manual aggregation packing station for track & trace, serialization

Suitable for high-tech packaging lines where some packaging steps need to be carried out manually, the IM-400 mobile manual packing station from Laetus can be connected at any point during the packing process when customer orders may not match previously aggregated products.

Pw 52281 Im 400 Warehouse Station Screenshot Cut

The unit features simple integration into existing track & trace software, or into a materials management system.

The IM-400 fits flexibly into the existing infrastructure. It is height adjustable and can be connected to any label printer. Data can be read in two ways: through the copy scanner, which can capture multiple codes simultaneously; or with the hand scanner, which reads codes directly from the carton or through the bundling film. A matching shipping order is generated from the read data.

The input area of the scanning field corresponds to the DIN A3 format. If additional space is needed, the surrounding area can easily be expanded.


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