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Marchesini Group: Horizontal continuous-motion cartoner for syringes

Designed to package syringes in cardboard trays at speeds up to 400 syringes/min., the Marchesini Group’s horizontal continuous-motion cartoner, the MA352 with Robocombi Robotic infeed system, is equipped with specially designed magazine units for feeding cardboard trays, and equipped with two robotic infeed systems, one for erecting the trays and one for feeding syringes.

Pw 52096 Ma352

The tray, which is made of sustainability-compliant cardboard (mono-material), uses an internal structure that is capable of holding the syringe firmly in place throughout the entire packaging process.

The MA352 is combined with magazine feed units (from 2 to 8), as well as two Robocombis (3-axes robot with vacuum pick-up head), which are both flexible and reliable. The first Robocombi  picks up the trays fed from the magazines, erects them, and places them directly in the bucket chain of the cartoner with continuous motion. The second Robocombi picks up the syringes, rotates them 90 degrees to position them horizontally inside the formed trays. Both robots are controlled by just one PC, which makes the operators’ tasks easier to manage.

After the syringes are placed in the trays, the trays holding the syringes can be packaged either individually or grouped in layers. 

The machine’s layout offers the same features and advantages as all of Marchesini’s cartoning machines. The model MA352 is compact and built entirely with balcony design, making it totally accessible and visible, with quick change-over times and minimal maintenance.

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