Schneider Packaging Equip. Co.: Machine add-on provides size, format adjustments

Designed to produce more SKU¹s on existing equipment, Schneider Packaging Equipment’s Pro-Adjust is a new add-on solution that automatically adjusts all types of machines when changing sizes or formats, improving line efficiency, and reducing changeover time.

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The Pro-Adjust can be added onto existing equipment, such as case packer, palletizer, or case loader as a field retrofit or as an available low cost option on new equipment.  Pro-Adjust features an easy-to-use hand-held interface and quick connect power modules that make installation, setup, and operation simple and quick. Pro-Adjust requires no programming and the interface simplifies SKU setup and operation. As product tolerances vary during normal production, the adjustment points can be easily adjusted either manually or through the interface.

By automating adjustment points on a machine, changeovers are faster and more accurate, greatly enhancing machine uptime performance and overall equipment effectiveness.  Pro-adjust can be installed onto any machine, even if that machine is not made by Schneider.

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