IPak Machinery, a division of Pro Mach: Servo-based tray forming solutions

The S Series tray formers from IPak, a division of Pro Mach, now includes the TF-200, a servo-based solution for triangulated retail ready trays, and the multi-functional TF-350.

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The TF-200, TF-350 and other servo-driven S Series models are said to deliver superior speed, tray flexibility, and forming consistency in a simpler, easy to maintain design than models also feature modular construction for easy integration and maintenance, fewer wear parts, and precise control.

The S-Series comes standard with IPak smart servo technology, color touch-screen HMI, and rugged, durable construction for continuous, dependable operation in the most demanding environments.

The IPak TF-200 forms strong support, triangulated corners and other specialized corner post style trays suitable for most retail-ready display. Common applications include agricultural products, food processing, and consumer goods such as home cleaning and personal care. The new servo-based forming process continuously operates at speeds up to 35 trays/min. and delivers consistent, square, and securely glued trays. The TF-200 also can create rollover display windows simultaneously with tray forming.

The TF-350 automatically forms common footprint rollover or laminated side trays suitable for agricultural and bakery applications, including Defor, One Touch, and other similar tray styles for flat packs of fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. An easy changeover enables the TF-350 to also form MUB style trays. It continuously operates at speeds of up to 30 trays/min. and is fully adjustable to form various sizes and depths including full and half common footprint. Size changes are quick and easy, and can be performed in less than 15 minutes.


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