EPSON Robots: SCARA robots

Featuring fast cycle times, compact footprints and low cost, EPSON Robots’ new LS6 SCARA robots expand the LS-Series SCARA lineup, making the robots available in arm lengths of 400mm (LS3) and now 600mm (LS6).

Pw 42325 Epson Ls Series Scar As2 Med

Manufacturers who would normally explore the option of low-cost Cartesian type linear axes robots are now able to consider the use of LS-Series SCARA robots as an affordable and high-performance solution.

LS-Series SCARA robots come standard with the RC90 Controller which provides ease of use and reliability at an incredibly low price. In addition the RC90 controller also provides the EPSON RC+ Controls software and lots of fully-integrated options such as Vision Guidance, GUI Builder, .NET support, DeviceNet, Profibus, LabView programmability, and much more.

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