MG America: Intermittent motion cartoner

With the Romaco Promatic P 91 Intermittent Motion Cartoner from MG America, product transfer is performed by timing belts and pulleys, eliminating the need for chains and mechanical gears, and achieving a significant reduction of maintenance, noise, wear and cleaning.

Pw 41618 Romaco Promatic Intermittent Motion Cartoner

Fully GMP compliant, the P 91 features patented carton pick-up and positive opening systems.  The balcony-designed cartoner provides high accessibility, easy cleaning, and reduced risk of contamination.  Most of the cartoner's movements are performed by servo motors and electronic cams, allowing for smooth handling of a wide variety of products.

The Promatic P 91's wide range of tailor-made feeding units load cartons reliably, and it is highly tolerant of differing carton quality.  Carton closing options include tuck-in, hot melt, or a combination of both with tamper evidence.  The machine offers quick changeover, requires no lubricants in its handling systems, and offers simple integration of quality control devices. 

A touch screen panel provides complete, efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting functions via text or picture guidance.  Individual safety clutches can cease all main movements, serving to avoid mechanical overloads and potential damage to product or machine, while a Venturi vacuum generator greatly diminishes noise during carton pick-up, opening and leaflet feeding

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