TopTier Palletizers: Automated palletizers

TopTier’s DS series automated palletizers are designed for higher-speed applications and are available in single-pusher, double-pusher and layer pre-build models.

Pw 37926 Image 1

Single Pusher models have a single pusher: slower-speed designs do not require the pusher to raise vertically and return over a row under construction; faster versions have a vertically reciprocating pusher. 

Double pushers are used for higher rates or when each row needs to be discreetly positioned on the layer apron:  each pusher vertically reciprocates when returning and act independently so that a pusher is always available for row pushing.

Higher rates require a layer pre-build model:  used to reduce dead time during pallet exchange or when layers have very few rows, the system employs an offset layer pre-build deck adjacent to the apron so that layers can be continually built; a high-speed continuous pusher rakes rows onto the apron then a single reciprocating row pusher moves each completed layer onto the apron for deposit.

DS models are available with concurrent stretch wrap, and can be configured with various standard accessories

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