EDL Packaging Engineers, Inc: Wrap bundling system reduces waste

EDL Packaging Engineer’s Double Tight Wrap bundling system with vision guided robotics is built to specific product requirements using integrated servo technology to provide flexible product handling.

Pw 30088 Webedl

The vision guided robotic feature produces a wide variety of side laying, paper and plastic pre-made pouch styles including quad seal gable top, stand-up pouches and pillow bags. Along with the Double Tight Wrap system, tightly wrapped bundles for improved product pallet stacking without using excess film are produced. The system uses constant mechanical tension to create a tight wrap of film around the bundle, and is said to use as much as 45% less film and less energy than traditional shrink bundling methods and up to 85% material cost savings when compared to corrugated packaging methods.   By using a low energy heat tunnel, the Double Tight Wrap system can wrap filled plastic bags and pouches without the risk of fusing laminate and film.  Double film coverage protects damage-prone corners and edges and allows cost effective, lighter film gauges to be used.

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