Standard-Knapp: Multipacker reduces material waste

Standard-Knapp’s continuous motion Tritium™ Multipacker, with the innovative RoboWrap™ system, featuring the Robo-Wand™ multi-axis programmable path wrapping section, provides versatility, ease of changeover, and finished product quality.

Pw 30087 Webstandard

The multi-packer wraps a wide range of pack patterns and produces a pristine package on the shelf.  Can handle minimal packaging, does not need a great deal of costly changeover time, produces clean bulls eyes, minimal wrinkling, and offers sophisticated use of printed packaging graphics to show off the product’s advertising message. The patented Robo-Wand wrapping wand can be positioned at any point in space above the conveyor and moved to exactly the right place to package a particular desired pack pattern. The wrapping wand does not follow a set path and is programmable to new shapes and sizes, with or without trays.

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