EZ-Tek Industries Inc: Side belt random case taper

The SB-2 EX random case taper from EZ-Tek Industries provides cost-effective top and bottom case taping for large run case sealing of random case sizes using pressure-sensitive tape and featuring a rugged side belt drive.

Pw 2262 Webez
The system’s unique and simple design keeps production and maintenance efforts to a minimum and provides fast and efficient alternatives to hand taping.  The SB-2 EX Random offers fast and easy case changes with adjustable side belt drive and flexibility ranging from 4.5 in. to infinite box length. Also able to seal cases ranging from 4.5 to 23 in. in width, as well as 4.5 to 23 in. in depth. Automatically adjusts to random-sized boxes that are operator fed. A single drive motor and aggressive drive belts move boxes.
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