Lantech Inc: Load seeking clamp reduces film breaks

Exclusively available on Lantech’s SL automatic stretch wrapper, the Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 (patent pending) was created to reduce film breaks.

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The Load Seeking Clamp’s design holds onto the film, preventing film breaks, and releases at the clamp. When film breaks or releases at the clamp, it requires the operator to reset the machine, which causes downtime. If it happens more than once, then the operator may begin adjusting the wrap force setting--resulting in lost containment and higher film costs. Also, at the beginning of the wrap cycle, the Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 goes out to the edge of the load to create a clamp to load contact regardless of the width of the load. This eliminates sagging issues and maximizes containment at the bottom of the load.  The Load Seeking Clamp 4.0 is standard on the SL Automatic stretch wrapper. Also available as a retrofit on S Series automatics.
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