Paper Machinery Corp.: Servo-driven forming machine

The PMC 2000S cup and container forming machine from Paper Machinery Corporation uses servo drive technology throughout the entire machine to provide flexibility, speed, quick changeovers and low maintenance.

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Paper Machinery Corporation today unveiled the first commercial application of servo-drive technology in paper cup and container forming machinery. The new PMC 2000S forming machine is fully servo-driven to offer a more flexible platform for faster, easier tooling changeovers.

Building on the company’s legacy of innovation and expertise in building industry-leading machinery, the PMC 2000S replaces mechanical drive and cams with servo control at all the forming stages. Independent servo motors control nineteen different functions which are synchronized with a central motion control platform. Functions can be quickly reprogrammed to change parameters such as container rim profile.

“For a growing segment of customers you need to run multiple sets of tooling on one machine, “ said John Baumgartner, president of PMC. “Our servo-driven machine is going to be a significantly better machine for customers with that kind of tooling changeover requirement.”

Producers of consumer goods need that kind flexibility in today’s global marketplace. They are introducing an ever-greater variety of products to satisfy regional and specific demographic-driven taste profiles. A forming machine must be capable of producing different kinds of containers within short timeframes. The servo-driven PMC 2000S can also shorten lead times in ordering, which will further speed new products to market.

“Imagine changing from one complete tool set to another in a single shift,” Baumgartner said. “Now each station on the machine runs its own unique electronic cam profile – one that has been optimized to that station’s motion, and is integrated and synchronized with the entire machine.” Depending on how it is configured, the PMC 2000S can produce up to 200 cups-per-minute.

Finally, servo drive technology makes a lighter machine because it eliminates the lower drive components. It can be manufactured cost-effectively and offer savings to customers, another consideration of its target market.

Cost-effective, flexible, offering quicker changeovers and shorter lead times, the PMC 2000S is a new breed of forming machine created to thrive in the challenging environment of today’s global marketplace.

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