Polypack Inc: Co-packer shrink bundler

Polypack’s Co-Packer TANGO24 shrink bundler runs both printed and clear film and accommodates loose, unsupported bottles, cans, cartons and trays.

Pw 2980 Webpoly
Not only does the TANGO24 provide versatility by bundling a wide range of products, it can create shrink bundles for both retail and distribution on 1 machine.  Products may be hand loaded or automatically indexed.  The machine runs light, medium and heavy gauge films, from 1 mil up to 3 mil, and is available in single lane or optional single/dual lane operation.  An adjustable variable speed PLC controller runs 1 to 20 wraps/min. in single lane; from 2 to 40 wraps/min. in dual lane. Fast changeover minimizes downtime.
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