A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.: High-speed case erector

A-B-C’s Model 450 case erector provides smooth, high volume operation including a servo-operated compression ram and substantial 3 hp main drive motor.

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The Model 450 also offers solid construction, all-mechanical continuous motion drive, high capacity vacuum system, and A-B-C’s intelligent control package. The case erector has a large capacity kd case magazine that ensures non-stop operation, automatically indexing kd stacks when needed, and refillable at any time without lifting cases. Optional case magazine extensions are available to allow additional kd capacity. Other features include: walking beam case drive; servo-operated sealing ram ; A-B-C’s Intelligent Control; a solid, welded and bolted steel frame; compact design (16 ft. 9 in. long). It erects and seals RSC and HSC cases at speeds to 55/minute.
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