Elliott Manufacturing Co.: Case erector/packer

The EV 350 high-speed servo case erector, from Elliott Manufacturing, handles cases up to 35 cpm with continuous control of the case--options are available for higher speeds.

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Change-over is quick, with automatic change-over available. Features include large case size range and small footprint with an open design for ease of access and scheduled preventive maintenance. The KD case magazine is ergonomically friendly and handles a wide range of corrugated quality; easily converts to automatic loading of KD cases. The frame of the EV 350 is light and durable as well as very portable. Modular design allows the EV 350 to be converted to a full case packing system with speeds up to fifteen cases per minute. Multiple methods of case packing and sealing are available. Multiple pack stations are available to accommodate higher speeds or more complex pack patterns. Remove the case packing station and the EV 350 converts back to a standard case erector .
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