InNovaCo, LLC: Portable packer station

The PackPod, from InNovaCo, forms, packs, seals and palletizes cases in one place.

Pw 6046 Webpackpod
An operator at a waist-high station easily erects a case from a flat blank, no preforming necessary. The PackPod system then tapes the bottom so that the operator can manually load containers into the case. The PackPod system then tapes the top closed. Tape application is performed by the machine. The operator merely guides the case into the taping station. Nominal case sizes: 8-in. minimum to 24-in. maximum length x 6-in. minimum to 16-in. maximum width x 3.5-in. minimum to 18-in. maximum depth. PackPod can make “H” taped boxes that seal all seams, gap-flapped boxes that save material, reverse flap folding to avoid cutting or denting delicate products. The packer can also seal multi-trip boxes as well as out of spec cases. Additionally, PackPod can serve as a case maker, making 10 cases per minute.
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