Douglas Machine Inc: Multiwrapper handles sustainable materials

The Douglas Contour™ M-75 Multiwrapper helps meet sustainability objectives by handling light-weight containers using the repeatable Smartrak® Steady Stream Infeed system.

The Smartrak® greatly reduces line pressure so containers are not pushed against one another, eliminating product damage and distortion--ensuring less waste--and allowing the metering system to function properly. Enhanced M-75 features include the Slipstream™ Pinless Metering, side film stands, and quick-change servo driven wrapping wands. Built-in flexibility assures large size ranges and quick, tool-free changeovers. The Contour™ M-75 also features the patented and patent-pending heat tunnel using advanced heat and airflow management. This delivers tightly wrapped products--reducing waste--on pads, u-boards, or in film only. Superior package integrity and appearance are also achieved. Speeds are to 75 cycles per minute.
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