Sigpack Systems Div., a Bosch Packaging Technology Co.: Tray loader

The WTI tray loader from Sigpack Systems is small in design, saving customers more than 60% in operational space, while remaining economical and productive.

Pw 10876 Pa M Sig Bosch Wt Iloader

Said to precisely place product into trays at rates of 600 products/min, the system was designed to meet all relevant hygiene and safety requirements. Diverse product handling capabilities include an integrated tray denester that can load into the chain as many as 3 trays in 1 step, while easily adjusting to meet different tray heights. Biscuits can be fed into tray loader from the side either with a chain or paddle belt. Accommodates single-biscuit tray cavities, and is suitable for rectangular, round, oval, sandwich, coated, additive, on pile, shingled, or staggered shaped biscuits.

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