Sara Lee launches MAP-packed Bragels

Modified atmosphere packaging that gives filled bagels a seven-day non-refrigerated shelf life may provide another reason why nobody doesn't like Chicago-based Sara Lee®.

Pw 23630 Modatmpactha 24

In May, Sara Lee Fresh (SLF) introduced Bragels(TM), a line of filled bagels, to 30% of the U.S. market, according to Wendy Buelsing, director of business development. An inner MAP pack consisting of a formed bottom web and a peel-able lid provides the week-long shelf life. SLF was mum on the process, suppliers, materials and gases used to do the job, though it's reasonable to assume that a high-barrier layer is included in both forming and nonforming webs. Clearly visible is a cross seal dividing the one-piece thermoform into two compartments. SLF/Intl. Baking Co., Vernon, CA, thermoforms/fills/seals the tray, then automatically packs it into a brightly printed film overwrap sourced through broker Legend Intl. (LaVerne, CA). The 1.8-mil material includes 70-ga oriented polypropylene/inks/adhesive/100-ga coextruded OPP sealant. rounds, sticks, and holes are offered in as many as six flavors. suggested retail price is $1.99.

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