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FIFO Spiral Accumulation

AmbaFlex, which supplies a broad range of product platforms for packaging, bottling, and logistics applications, used PACK EXPO Connects to showcase its AccuVeyor AVh.

Ambaflex used PACK EXPO Connects to highlight its single-belt accumulation system.
Ambaflex used PACK EXPO Connects to highlight its single-belt accumulation system.

This AmbaFlex conveyor  system was designed for first-in/first-out spiral accumulation of single items. The way it resolves a complicated task so simply and effectively—without even touching the product at all--cannot be matched, says AmbaFlex.

The patented one-belt AccuVeyor AVH is the only spiral accumulator on the market with a one-belt system. Any product that enters the accumulator stays on that specific portion of the belt until the moment it leaves the accumulator at the other end.

The secret of the AccuVeyor AVh is in how it lifts a conveyor belt out of its spiral frame, crosses it over, and feeds it back into the down-running frame. Normally, a conveyor belt will be locked into its frame to make sure that it follows its track and does not flip out. The clever system used by the AVH is a very simple mechanical solution with only one moving part, the S section, which lifts out and feeds in the belt in one go, a simple solution that ensures excellent effectiveness and reliability. When emptying, the AccuVeyor overcomes and smooths out the speed differences between the connecting processes. The system is intrinsically simple and self-controlling. The drive at one end of the accumulation belt is connected speed-wise to the connecting downstream conveyor and at the other end to the feeding conveyor belt. The only controls needed are sensors to signal a full or empty accumulation belt and to adjust the connected processes when the accumulation capacity is reached. 

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The AccuVeyor AVh is available in washdown stainless steel and coated mild steel. It comes with an optional enclosure and access doors.

Go here for a demo of this technology.

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