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Video: Matrix showcases the Toyo Jidoki premade pouch filler sealer

The Toyo Jidoki fill and seal pre-made pouch machine is rated at up to 55 flat, standup, or press-to-close pouches per minute and offers a stainless steel, wash-down construction. The new machine is ideal for packaging frozen foods, seafood, snacks, rice, pet foods, medical devices, and other products.

Matrix, powered by Pro Mach, will showcase at Pack Expo, September 23-25 in Las Vegas, a newly designed Toyo Jidoki Fill and Seal pre-made pouch machine for stand-up, flat bottom, and 5th panel style bags. The newly designed machine incorporates Toyo Jidoki’s proven technology with flexibility for shaped pouches to meet changing presentations in the marketplace. The new machine is ideal for packaging frozen foods, seafood, confections, snacks, rice, pet foods, medical devices, granular and powdered products and features a stainless steel, wash down construction. (Matrix Booth C-2221)

This pre-made pouch filler sealer is rated at up to 55 flat, standup, and press to close pouches per minute. Pouch size ranges from 4.7-10.2 inches (120-260 mm) wide to 5.1-15.7 inches (130-400 mm) long. The machine is easy to clean and wash-down. Options and accessories include:

  • Date printer
  • Air squeeze device
  • Nitrogen gas flush
  • Liquid filling systems
  • Zip open/close device
  • Seal area cleaning
  • Double pouch detection
  • Pouch opening detection device
  • Pouch pick up position detection
  • Product in seal detection
  • Product feeding hopper
  • Product discharge conveyor

“A number of our form-fill-seal machine customers asked whether we could also supply a state-of-the-art pre-made pouch filler sealer in the 50 units a minute range,” said Marc Willden, Vice President and General Manager, Matrix. “After extensive evaluation of a number of manufacturers’ offerings and commitment to customer support, we chose this machine, which is manufactured by Toyo Jidoki in Japan. This machine meets our standards for performance, dependability, and ease of operation. We are proud to include it along with our own Matrix designed and manufactured products.”

For more information on the full range of Matrix form-fill-seal bagging machines and the Toyo Jidoki premade pouch filler sealer, call 888-628-7491 and visit

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