A cool alternative to traditional hot melt can double your mileage

Liquamelt adhesive from H.B. Fuller is cool on delivery, hot on demand.

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The Liquamelt® adhesive system from H.B. Fuller is a new category of adhesive. The machine and adhesive work together to deliver a 50 percent improvement in mileage per pound and up to a 50 percent reduction or more in energy costs compared to traditional hot melt.

It’s the cool alternative because the Liquamelt adhesive flows at room temperature to the Liquamelt dispenser, doing away with the equipment and energy costs associated with hot melt. The Liquamelt dispenser uses Turboactivator™ technology at point of application to transform the liquid dispersion to a robust foamed thermoplastic adhesive—with twice the mileage per pound capability of hot melt.

Liquamelt adhesive system from H.B. Fuller is an excellent alternative to traditional hot melts and cold glue applications for case and carton sealing, tray forming, paper assembly and more. 

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