Smart high-speed conveyor system indexes two different products into separate flights

The Shuttleworth booth will feature a newly-designed stacking/rotating/diverting/automation solution using Shuttleworth’s low line pressure, gentle handling conveyor and a variety of material handling devices. This system is designed to run two different products, a hard pack wet wipe container and a soft pack of wet wipes.


The products accumulate on the SmartFeed® conveyor that feeds into the flighted conveyor. When the prime sensor is activated, the flighted section starts. The SmartFeed conveyor then synchronizes the release of the products into the flights on the flighted conveyor. (This process simulates a high speed wrapper or cartoner infeed.) The products convey under a vision camera after the 90 degree corner coming out of the flighted conveyor. The camera is used to determine which product type is coming. The soft packs convey straight through and around a corner to an accumulation area. The hard cases are bumped over to the other side of this two lane conveyor. The cases are rotated 90 degrees and run the hard way (long dimension leading) into a corner where the product is velocity transferred. The cases are now running the easy way (short dimension leading). The cases are stopped, up-stacked 3 high, then conveyed to a de-stack zone. The products are de-stacked and then conveyed to a product stop.


This two lane conveyor combines the hard cases (which were just de-stacked) and the soft packs into one lane. After getting combined and conveyed around a 90 degree turn, the products convey under another vision camera to determine if the product can “pass” the reject zone or be “rejected.” If the product gets rejected; a retractable, powered belt device opens a hole in the surface of the conveyor and removes the rejected product from the system. After the product is off the surface of the conveyor, the device closes up the hole in the surface to allow good products to pass.


This Shuttleworth solution, as well as hundreds of other material handling solutions can be seen in the Shuttleworth booth. Stop by Booth C-1711 and ask our Sales Engineers how we can improve your material handling processes.


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