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Krones, Inc.: Krones Wrapapac WT 60 handles Fridge-friendly convenience packages

Krones has redesigned its range of continuously operating Krones Wrapapac wraparound packing machines. The Krones Wrapapac packs individual containers or multipacks into trays or wraparound cartons.

Wrapapac W – wrap-around cartons

Wrapapac WT – wrap-around carton and trays and handles solid board fridge-friendly convenience packages

Wrapapac WTS – wrap-around cartons and trays with or without film and shrink pads

The Krones Wrapapac’s improvement features include decentralized motors for smoother operation, easier reproducibility of settings for shorter changeover times, and better ergonomic design for easier operator access.

In addition, the Krones Wrapapac can handle solid board to create what are called refrigerator-friendly or fridge-friendly convenience packages. Made from printed solid board, these packs typically contain two rows of six cans or bottles, packed upright. This packaging serves as a beverage dispenser. The pack is placed lying down in the fridge, the consumer tears off a perforation at the front, and the cans roll forward automatically. This popular convenience packaging requires moisture-resistant solid board to stand up the conditions inside the fridge itself.

In comparison to corrugated cardboard, more complex machinery is required to handle solid board. While corrugated cardboard remains in a fixed position when bent, solid board, requires a continuously controlled folding process to obtain a properly shaped package.

Additional components such as the partition inserter or film module may be retrofitted into the Wrapapac to meet future application requirements.

All models of the series are easy to operate and adjust to new product or pack formats.

Packs individual containers or multipacks into trays or wraparound cartons – corrugated and now fiber board.

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