BEVCO Sales International Inc.: Zero Pressure Product Inverter

The Bevco Zero Pressure Product Inverter (ZPPI) was developed to provide solutions for a variety of material handling problems and to reduce operating costs while maintaining processing speeds.

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Bevco ZPPI systems are highly effective in:

• reducing package or container damage during handling.

• providing processors with a method to help reduce container or package weights or wall thicknesses to reduce costs.

• re-orienting hot filled containers to provide sterilization of the cap.

• lines using PET bottles that are susceptible to bottle damage due to the squeeze on standard gripper type cap sterilizers.

• dealing with safety concerns when processing hot filled product in plastic or glass where hot bottles must be lifted in the air.

• lines where packages or containers need to be tilted or turned over to permit inspection, printing or coding.

• in food, beverage, consumer or industrial goods applications.

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