Label-Aire: High-speed, wipe-on, pressure-sensitive labeler

The NEW Label-Aire Model 3125 (shown in the video with existing conveyor, feedscrew and wrap belt) represents the ultimate in high-speed wipe-on pressure-sensitive labeling technology.

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The Model 3125 Wipe On labeler is simply the most advanced labeler on the market with its intelligent controller, impressive speeds, and high accuracy.  The user-friendly 3125 is loaded with advanced features:  Automatic label setup, Automatic Speed Following (ASF), Zero Downtime Labeling, and a large R3 digital display that is Rotateable, Remoteable, and very Readable.  With five onboard user-selectable languages, domestic or CE (European) configurations, and standard/metric unit display, the 3125 can handle almost any PS labeling application on the planet.

Built for speed, accuracy, and ease of use, the 3125 delivers.  Its advanced ASF with product surface profiling ensures wrinkle-free labeling on even the most difficult product shapes and label materials.  Thanks to the 3125’s advanced product/label queuing and missing label compensation, problems caused by missing labels on a roll, such as unlabeled product, double labeled product, or missing lot and expiration codes, are virtually eliminated.

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