ARI: Shrink wrapper for contract packager

At Advertising Resources, workers load cartoned product onto a flighted infeed conveyor, two cartons per flight in this instance. Cartons are conveyed downstream into polyvinyl chloride film.

A patented film former folds the single-wound, flat film. The film is side-sealed into a tube by radiant heat, so there’s no mechanism that contacts the film. A reciprocating cross-seal system then seals and cuts between each multipack on the conveyor. The leading pack is conveyed into a heat-shrink tunnel.

Afterwards, the pack discharges for manual case/tray packing and palletization.¥ The Arpac Group (www.thearpacgroup. com), suppliers of five of the wrappers; ¥ Xpedx (, the International Paper packaging distributor that procures machinery and materials; and ¥ Alcoa Flexible Packaging ( flexiblepackaging), whose primary role is to provide the polyvinyl chloride film used on the wrappers.

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