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New peelable, resealable flexible packaging technology from Japan, Europe

Reseal-it from Formost Fuji Corporation is demonstrated in this video clip for a variety of vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal packages, for a wide range of products including cheese, sliced deli meats, and candy.

The system makes a perforation in the flow wrap film and then places a label exactly over the perforation. No part of the film is removed--the opening flap of the film sticks to the back of the label.

The perforation can be made in different sizes, shapes and locations depending upon package design.

Choose the size and shape of the opening and label to fit the individual content of your pack, regardless of the outer dimensions of the pack.

The opening can be placed anywhere on the pack, giving the consumer the most practical function and giving you cost savings.

Quick changeover time between pack sizes. Short changeover time between a Reseal-it pack and a traditional pack.

Flexbox peel and reseal pack

The new flexbox peel and reseal flow wrap package allows total access to the product without touching it. Simply peel the label back and you can slice your cheese and then reseal the package. The special side gusset design enables the pack to retain its shape without collapsing.

More than 100 Reseal-it units are in commercial operation in Europe. In the year 2005 it was estimated that more than 500 million packs with Reseal-it reached European consumers.


More information, specs and photos


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