AROL's self-calibrating servo capper

AROL, part of Pneumatic Scale/Angelus, brought its Equatorque self-calibrating servo capper to interpack.  The demonstration of a press-on cap application used a mechanical system to sense bottle orientation, while the servo capping heads turn the caps to match.

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Using ELAU's exclusive solution for installing servo modules on rotary capping and labeling carousels, the Equatorque replaces clutches with a servo powering each capping head.  This maximizes flexibility and assures consistently accurate closing torque.  

Each capping head performs a torque self-calibration with every cycle.  A sophisticated monitoring system detects closing faults automatically, including no cap, cap at incorrect angle, no container and rotation of container.  A simple operation sets optimum cap/container/closing torque configurations.  Adjustments can be made remotely while the machine is in operation.

Arol asserts that it is the world's largest maker of cappers by volume – because they work with such a variety of closures, including screw caps, press-on caps, corkers and crowners. 


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