New servo capper suits mail order pharmacies

At $44.6 billion in 2007, mail order is the #2 sales channel for prescription drugs in the US according to IMS Health.

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And mail order’s growth is outpacing the #1, chain stores, at 16.4% between 2005 and 2007. 

Efficiency is the name of the game for mail order pharmaceutical suppliers to operate profitably while making it fast, affordable and convenient for customers to get the maintenance meds they depend on.

New England Machinery has partnered with Schneider Electric’s ELAU packaging solutions to develop the ideal bottle capper for this and other short run, high changeover environments.  Packaging World recently covered the development of this new capper, the model NESHC-S.

It is a single head, servo capper that operates at up to 45 bpm, nearly twice as fast as the comparable 25 cpm mechanical capper.  Once a bottle and closure are set up, servo control enables recipe-driven, automated format changes from the HMI with minimum quick-change parts.

This combination of high speed operation and pushbutton changeover is highly unusual in a single-head capper -- which is a considerably smaller investment than a rotary machine. 

With the servo option, container and cap parameters are pre-programmed and stored as recipes that the operator can select from the HMI.  Changeovers are tool-less using modular change parts.

The NESHC series is a continuous motion capping system with a highly accurate indexing turret.  It can be used with a wide variety of caps and containers, including available child-resistant cap features.

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