HMC Products offers new and rebuilt servo pouchers

Pouchers offer zipper, stand-up pouch, trailing edge clamps, net weigh scale, metal detector, platform, thermal printer, and now high performance B&R automation.

HMC Products offers new and rebuilt servo pouchers engineered for continuous, reliable production. At PACK EXPO 2010, HMC added integrated, multiaxis control technology from B&R Industrial Automation to its list of capabilities.

HMC's own Pouchmaster pouching system has proven itself in installations worldwide, with the ability to form, fill and seal pouches up to 10" x 12 ½" with a 3" gusset at rates up to 120 single-up per minute and 300 triple-up depending on filling requirements.

Standard features include PLC control with variable frequency drives, torque limiter for jam protection, rust-resistant stainless steel ways, Love temperature controls, quiet and economical venture-type vacuum system, and USDA approval.

A range of popular options includes running zippered pouches, pouches with pour spouts, standup pouches, fitments, liquid filling, high speed funnel filling, no pouch / not open / no fill, checkweigher feedback, filling of premade pouches, two-up and three-up filling and synchronized multiaxis servo control.

Packaging accessory modules include slide gate and vibratory volumetric fillers, slitter / automatic cartoners, pouch counter and collator conveyors, trim dies, hole punches, powered web unwinds, gas flushing, web edge guides and web roll air chucks.
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