Pack/Fill/Seal Machine for Dry Powder

Vtops’ premade bag rotary packing machine is an automatic pick/fill/seal machine for pre-made bags and pouches.

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Rotary premade bag pick/fill/seal packing machine with different dosing (such as multihead weigher, auger filler, liquid filler, etc.) can be suitable for the automatic packing for granular, powder, liquid, paste, etc. The machine can realize automatic pouch feeding, date printing, bag opening, material weighing filling, bag heat sealing and finished bag take-off. A variety of models are available from Vtops depending on the packing material and bag size.

Features include:

• Heat sealable premade flat pouch dosing and sealing.

• PLC & HMI Control, easy for parameter setting and troubleshooting.

• Different pouch size adaption, simple adjustment without tools.

• Intelligent temperature controlling configuration, ensure the artistic and neat sealing.

• Skip steps of filling and sealing if failed hold, or bag failed open.

• Compatible Programs of powder, granule or liquid dosing, plug and play, easy for different products switching.

• Machine stopping interlock with door opening.

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