PAC Machinery: Automatic bagger for E-commerce

PAC Machinery introduces the Rollbag R3200XL automatic bagger for high speed, e-commerce poly bagging and 3PL order fulfillment applications. Unit can be configured for use with pre-opened bags on a roll or poly tubing and can accommodate bags as large as 22 in. x 36 in.

Rollbag R3200XL automatic bagger
Rollbag R3200XL automatic bagger

Higher speeds using large poly mailers

The R3200XL Automatic Bagger can operate at speeds up to 80 bags/min using Rollbag™ brand pre-opened bags on a roll. “With the optional bag maker, the R3200XL can utilize poly tubing, for making bags in virtually any desired length,” stated Greg Berguig, VP of Sales & Marketing at PAC Machinery. “When compared to bags on a roll, the use of poly tubing can reduce both bag inventory and material costs,” adds Berguig. With a seal bar opening up to 11 in., and the ability to process poly bags up to 22 in. x36 in., this next generation automatic bagger has proven to be extremely versatile.

Easier to own and easier to maintain

Unlike many other automatic baggers in its class, the Rollbag R3200XL features an affordable, entry-level price. For ease of maintenance, the R3200XL uses off-the-shelf replacement parts that are available from most MRO suppliers. Should maintenance and repairs become necessary, availability of standard parts can reduced downtime waiting for proprietary (and often costly) replacement parts.

High performance options for speed, safety, and ease of operation

Configured with an optional, easy-load bag opener, next-bag-out printer, and an adjustable product takeaway conveyor, the Rollbag R3200XL offers an efficient approach to processing poly mailers. For added safety, sensors prevent the seal bar from closing if the optical field is obstructed.

Perfect for single and multi-line applications, the Rollbag R3200XL can be equipped with a wide range of feeding systems, including: scales, bowl feeders, counters, and robotics – all designed to streamline the e-commerce poly bagging process. The optional TwinPrint® dual-side label printer applicator enables direct bag printing and application, thus eliminating the time-consuming requirement to apply a separate printed label. Versions of the Rollbag R3200XL bagger are available in stainless steel for food and medical device applications, and validatable versions are offered for medical device packaging. This unique bagger is extremely customizable and can be dialed into specific user requirements – plus it integrates seamlessly into an automated warehouse management environment.

This cost-effective packaging solution is designed and priced with the entry-level business in mind. Users may start bagging manually, and then easily integrate automation into their process as packaging demands increase. By virtue of its many available options, the Rollbag R3200XL is considered by many to be the most advanced automatic poly bagger of its kind. The Rollbag R3200XL is available for delivery now, and may be ordered with an optional, 5-year limited warranty.

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