Multi-Conveyor: Table top chain conveyor

Multi-Conveyor’s 42 in. straight running table top chain conveyor is designed to accept rejected bottles of a liquid food product that are dispensed onto a 36 in. stainless steel rotary accumulation table.

Table top chain conveyor
Table top chain conveyor

The accepting table top conveyor uses a washdown grade motor and reducer while the rotary table itself is stainless steel with a mild-steel below mount motor assembly cabinet and non-washdown gear motor.

The bottles are inspection and rejected on an existing line. The customer supplied reject detects unacceptable capped bottles and transfers them onto the short table-top to rotary-accumulation table for manual removal. Product in this video are for demonstration purposes only.

Designs are flexible and effective, ranging in sizes from 30, 36, 42, and 48 in. Accumulators use either DC or VFD controllers to vary speed as needed. A smooth edge bowl top is recommended for hand packing applications.

Watch a video of the machine.

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